The World’s First
Separable Bowl Piece

Take a second and think about all the different types of water pipes available on the market today: glass water pipes, silicone water pipes, gravity water pipes — and the list goes on.

Now, take another second and try to list some different bowl pieces. Not nearly as many come to mind, right? Our team analyzed the flaws of the classic bowl piece, and decided that it was time to offer smokers another option.



Clean & Repeat

Easy to Clean. Built to Last.

Pre-order Bowlz V2

If you’re tired of dirty and broken bowl pieces, then it’s probably time to make the switch to Bowlz. The second iteration of our magnetic bong slide features a dramatically larger airflow channel for milkier hits and smoother snaps.

Size: 14mm

(For tobacco use only. Always comply with your local laws and legislation)

$34.99 USD


Easy to Clean

Our bowlz feature a unique magnetic breakaway design that allows the user to easily split them in half, for convenient cleaning.

Not So Easy to Break

Our bowlz are built to last because they’re made of non-toxic, 6061 air grade aluminum; it’s extremely durable and cools quicker than glass.

Ideal for Travel

We designed bowlz for smokers who bring their glass to raves, parties, and vacations. No need to fear damage during transport. No need to worry about bringing isopropyl alcohol. Just throw our bowlz in your backpack, wipe to clean, and you’re ready to enjoy your sesh!