The World’s First Magnetic Bowl Piece

We first imagined our magnetic bowl piece when we dropped our bowl during a routine cleaning. It was like every time we bought a new glass slide, there was a 50/50 chance that we’d drop and break it. Even if it didn’t break, it was almost guaranteed that it would still be difficult af to get 100% clean. So we put our money together, prototyped for months, and launched Bowlz in August of 2020. We’ve been at it ever since 💚



Clean & Repeat

Easy to Clean. Built to Last.

Bowlz V3

This is the bowl you’ve always dreamed of.  They are easy to clean & ash, and they are nearly impossible to break. These v3 Bowlz are designed with a conical shape, making the bowl more air tight and providing milkier rips. It now comes in 4 colors- black, blue, purple, and green. Additionally, there is now an 18mm option for larger bongs, so there is no need to buy an adapter! These Bowlz are the best product we’ve made to date, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Size: 14mm & 18mm

$38.99 USD


Rodz are a smoother way of lighting your herb. They allow you to ignite your flower at a lower temperature which both preserves terpenes, and results in smoother hits.

$11.99 USD

Easy to Clean & Ash

We were sick of dealing with dirty, ressed up bowl pieces that are difficult to fully clean. This is why our bowlz feature a unique magnetic breakaway design that allows the user to easily split them in half. Once the slide is split, you are able to easily access the airflow channel of the bowl for straight-forward cleaning. There is no need for any extra cleaning equipment such as pipe cleaners, toothpicks, etc.

Not So Easy to Break

Our bowlz are built to last. They are constructed from an anodized & non-toxic, 6061 air grade aluminum, much like how many pans are made!  This makes them extremely durable so you aren’t left stranded without a slide when you end up knocking it on the ground. Our materials dissipate heat at a rapid pace, which prevents the bowl from being hot to the touch, even after a large toke!

Ideal for Travel

We designed bowlz for smokers who bring their glass to raves, parties, and vacations. No need to fear damage during transport. No need to worry about bringing isopropyl alcohol. Just throw our durable magnetic bowl piece in your backpack, wipe to clean, and you’re ready to enjoy your sesh!

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