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I just wanted to tell y'all that I absolutely love my Bowlz!!! This thing is perfect!! Easy cleaning and very sturdy!! I've literally been waiting for something like this my whole life!! I love it!!
Brock M.
Hey guys!! I'm absolutely obsessed with my new bowl. The thing has saved me big time. It makes it so much easier to have friends smoking mokes. Some of us love tobacco and others hate it. Withh your product it makes it a super friendly enviroment for both types of people. Thank you times a million❤️ I will definitely be buying more of your products.
Jessie A.
Yo this shit smack
Dave M.
Yo, I just got my bowl and I absolutely love it. You guys came up with an amazing product and I really hope you only go up from here 🙂
Nathan L
I've been using the latest bowlz piece for a few days and it's fantastic thank you so so much.
Allen M.
This was the best purchase I've made all year! 😅
Lili B.
I just got my bowl in a few hours ago and I've tested it out just a bit and so far I really love it. You guys have made a great product and I look forward to what you guys have to come.
Alex S.
You're customer service is unreal on god
Finn C.
Yo team! I just wanted to say I've recieved my order and wow. Amazing. Fabulous. Thank you so much is all I can say❤️❤️
Calum Y.
YO, my dude just took his first hit from his new bowl from y'all and he LOVES it. Y'all out here doing good shit.
Kaelee C.
I had purchased the bowl for my brother as a birthday gift and he said hands down best bowl he ever owned ...let’s just say since he got the bowl he hasn’t been to the smoke shop in awhile lol and I’m definitely copping the v2 for him as well. Much love and appreciation from the 808!
Casey D.
I think this is an incredible product, that revolutionizes smoking as we know it. Between the ease of cleaning, and in my opinion, a smoother smoke from the material of the bowl, I would buy 100 more if I could. I am very happy with it, and I've already told all of my friends about it. You guys are the hero we didn't know we needed, but that we definitely needed 🙂
Andrew S.
When I discovered your product I immediately fell in love and continue to boast about it to my stoner friends. Glad you guys have gotten so busy!
Sarah R.

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