Alright… so this one is a little different and comes from a personal spot. Growing up, my dad was a cop and my mom was a probation officer. I was simply too young to be using pot and paranoid as much a kid could possibly be, so I learned how to not get caught. You shouldn’t have to hide weed from anyone. If you are, you should question smoking weed as a whole. But, if you have to hide being high from a family member, friend, employer, landlord, or anyone else, here’s how you can avoid getting caught smoking. 



You have to go out of your way to NOT smell like pot. First things first- GUM GUM GUM. Weed on the breath is a dead giveaway. Marijuana is one of the strongest odors around. It is a pungent smell that stands out, and is easily detected. 

Along with your breath, the odor is also all over your body and clothes. To avoid smelling like you just hopped out of the Mystery Machine, we recommend using perfume, cologne, or air freshener to mask the odor. Additionally, you should probably use hand sanitizer on your hands to get that sticky icky off your fingers. Cannabis particles often stick around on our fingerprints and under our nails, leaving your fingers as an easy way to get caught green handed.

Along with masking scent, you also need to mask the look. I highly recommend eye drops- Rotos and Visine are my favorites. You can change your clothes if need be, since some fabrics seem to hold on to the smokey smell for dear life.


If you do these things, no one will ever say you smell or look high. Have confidence in that, and enjoy your high without being overly paranoid. As long as you’re not ridiculously, flamboyantly high, you’re probably gonna be pretty lowkey and avoid getting caught smoking.