So…. you probably saw the title to this blog post and clicked it because you were mildly curious, surprised we sent it, or subconsciously needed a T-Break.


Regardless of the reason, thanks for clicking and we’re gonna try our best not to sound like narcs. At the end of the day, we’re stoners too and don’t necessarily love taking tolerance breaks. Here are our thoughts on tolerance breaks & two ways on how to do them 



This is about you and no one else at the end of the day. Your relationship with weed is up to you and you alone. The first thing you should know is that tolerance breaks simply aren’t for everyone. Some of us need cannabis in our lives, and that’s okay. Our #1 rule is to USE SELF AWARENESS, and if you need a break then feel free to do it!

If you choose to do a tolerance break, don’t just go cold-turkey or start guzzling down Vitamin C. Instead here are two methods we use to reset tolerance and take a break from the stanky danky

Option 1Try hemp Instead!

Hemp CBD flower & Delta 8 are two amazing products that substitute for cannabis. My favorites are the Cookies CBD carts or any good CBD flower. Using these for a while allows the cannabis receptors to reset and in turn, your tolerance to reset. It’s also nice because you can still enjoy the feeling of smoking.

Option 2: Tinctures

Tinctures are a new tool that I’ve found that are super useful and beneficial! Simply changing the way your body is interacting with the thc allows your smoking tolerance to still reset. Mary’s is a great brand of tincture, and you can also measure in accurate doses. If you want to still feel sober, try taking >5mg or less. Along with still being able to use cannabis it will help with any potential physical withdrawals.